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The Story of Topnotch Brand

TOPNOTCH's journey and story began around 1995. At that moment a British friend came to visit our family. This Dr. was a dermatologist and Biotechnology Specialist who was studying research on the interaction between plant cells and human cells. It's interesting to talk and listen to the research story and got us excited about the results of Dr.'s past trials, and he himself knew that many of our family members had skin allergies when exposed to stimuli or stimulation from internal and external factors, the skin loses its elasticity and aging, even at a young age. This may be due to genetic transmission disorder. Therefore, he brought samples for us to try for treatment and collect the results that may be useful for further study. Less than a month later, our skin tended to improve, peeling, skin inflammation and skin problems were less frequent until they disappeared. Therefore, the family decided to develop products with specialized dermatologists who specialize in skin care to produce them in the market until the brand has been known for over 22 years. Until 2017, we rebranded to become more leading products under current TOPNOTCH brand. It's something the brand wants to communicate that we believe that everyone can have better skin than they are now and can be you in the best way possible.


Guaranteed by the Skincare of the Year award and is mentioned in every leading magazine.



From Topnotch laboratories comes the most advanced formula comprising of 8 carefully selected components specifically designed to revitalize, restore, and whiten all skin types.
A carefully curated blend of natural ingredients including highly effective ingredients such as extracts of Cavalinha, Peony root, diamond powder, and Raspberry leaf designed to restore the skin’s youthful vitality that works to regulate oil, eliminate acne, and gently nourish whilst protecting skin layers. The instant active moisturisation effects will immediately renew and soothe dry skin for a vibrant and radiant feel. Ideally for all skin types.
For ultimate results apply Topnotch serum continuously for at least two weeks or more, once daily at night after cleansing. Use fingertips to gently rub the serum into delicate skin. Allow a few minutes for the product to absorb.

The best skin of your life starts here.